ColorQuest XT data output options


FAQ: "Is there any way for the ColorQuest XT to export color readings to another computer?"

The ColorQuest XT Applet Display does not store data records. The sensor makes and displays measurements on the dedicated display. By pressing the "PRINT" key the contents of the display screen can be sent to a serial hardcopy printer connected using a serial cable plugged into the serial "PRINT" connector on the back of the display.

What is sent to the serial printer is an ASCII dump of the screen contents.

Here are two options for CQXT data export:

  1. The same functionality as printing can be used to get data out of the unit. Just run a serial cable from the "PRINT" female serial connector on the back of the display to a PC. When "Print" is selected on the screen, ASCII measurement data on the screen is sent out the Serial COM port on the back of the display to a PC where customer data collection software can collect the string and parse it into a file.
  2. Another alternative is to run the CQXT using HunterLab EasyMatch QC software. The software effectively runs the sensor bypassing the display  and all measurement data is collected in EasyMatch QC for Options/ASCII Export.  
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