Delivery of HunterLab software on flash drives instead of CDs


FAQ: "PCs without CD/DVD drives are becoming more popular… Has HunterLab considered offering flash drives pre-loaded with EasyMatch software instead of CDs."

Certainly flash drives have become the temporary storage medium of choice for many of our customers but there are many strong benefits to CD deliver of our software:

  • CDs offer a tangible form for completion of contract in the purchase of HunterLab software. You can hold it in your hand.
  • As a CD, our software package can be attractively packaged and securely sealed.
  • As a medium, CDs are less expensive than flash drives and have 650 MB of storage. This is useful as we usually provide digital copies of operation manuals and user documents on the CD. 
  • Flash drives get lost easier than CDs (which also get lost!).

Our future directions for software delivery will likely be to allow customers to download software by secure internet digital download rather than physical flash drives.

As a workaround, just copy the  "EasyMatchQC-Setup.exe" file from the CD to a flash disk and take the flash drive to the PC. Double click on the file name to install.


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