Instrument Diagnostic Software error message: 'Error loading form, #13: Type mismatch'


FAQ: "We instructed a customer to run Instrument DIAG, he gets the error message 'Error loading form, #13: Type mismatch'. What causes this message?"

These are generic Visual Basic or C++ error messages. These messages only relate to the last action the operator did prior to the message being displayed. So until I know what the last action was I cannot comment on what causes it to display.

For example, as a last action, did this error message occur before or after connecting?

If this message occurred with the ColorQuest XE when running CQXEDiag software, his means current version CQXEDiag130B.msi will work with all sensors, If using a prior version such as CQXEDiag120 then it would only connect to sensor serial number CQX3678 or lower. Firmware or board changes that occurred from CQX3679 and newer or even an older sensor that recieved a newer board, such as an SPSP would require the newer Diagnostics to communicate.

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