ColorFlex EZ/MiniScan EZ sensor features disappear in EasyMatch QC


FAQ: " I noticed a strange behavior in using EasyMatch QC with the MSEZ. When I install the sensor (MSEZ) in the software ("install/Configure" function) and leave the "Reconnect sensor at startup" option active, re-launching the EasyMatch QC software, the 'Configure setups' and "MiniScan EZ/ColorFlex EZ" functions disappear.

But, if I disable the "Reconnect sensor at startup" option, close and re-open the sw, go on the "install/Configure" and I re-connect the unit (clicking on the "Connect" button) , the 'Configure setups' and "MiniScan EZ/ColorFlex EZ" functions are available and active.

Could you please check if you get the same behavior on your PC?
Is it normal?
If not, is it possible to fix this behavior?"

The issue is not an EZMQC issue, but operational.

The CFEZ/MSEZ are HunterLab's first sensors with full USB communications.

When operating a MSEZ or CFEZ, the sensor must be turned ON in order to connect. With our previous MSXP and CLFX sensors having serial communications, there was an ability to "wake-up" the sensor when EasyMatch QC is started. With the self-powered MSEZ and CFEZ sensors that have full USB communications, there is no way to do this. You must manually "start" the CFEZ/MSEZ such that the screen is live prior to starting EasyMatch QC. Then start EZMQC and it will connect with either of these sensors on startup. You will be able to see the sensor listed at the bottom of the EZMQC screen and all unique MiniScan EZ/ColorFlex EZ" features will be operational.

If the CFEZ/MSEZ sensor is not activated prior to starting EasyMatch QC, the software will disconnect to avoid hanging up (sensor will no longer show at the bottom of EZMQC screen).

If you have started EZMQC with CFEZ/MSEZ not activated and EZMQC has disconnected, activate the sensor and go to Sensor/Install-Configure and select "Connect" to re-connect. Your sensor and software should be ready to go again.


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