EasyMatch QC error: invalid or corrupted Illuminant/Observer file


FAQ: “Our technician/s are having a problem EasyMatch QC software running with ColorFlex CFEZ 0647.

If he opens the software it gives him the following error: “ult35-10.pxp invalid format not included in illuminant not enough points”. And he is unable to open the “Default Job”

He then reinstalled the software but nothing changed it just give a “run-time” error and stays on “remote-mode”

ULt35-10 is an illuminant/observer table file used in EasyMatch QC to calculate color values. It is just a text file that is read in when EasyMatch QC starts up. The error message occurs because EasyMatch QC is hanging up on reading this file and will not load the default Job.

This file should have a "txt" extension, not "pxp" (which is an AutoCAD 3D file). I have no idea how this file extension got renamed but here is how to correct it.

First make sure you are out of the EasyMatch QC application.

  1. We could just rename "ult35-10.pxp" to "ult35-10.txt" but as we do not know what caused the name change, let's not do this as the file might be corrupted.
  2. A better alternative is to EZMQC CD and run a repair of the EasyMatch QC installation to re-create the "ult35-10.txt" file.
  3. A third option is to contact HunterLab Support (support@hunterlab.com) for a correct "ult35-10.txt" file and copy it to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\HunterLab\IllTables" folder.
  4. Delete "ult35-10.pxp".

Start EasyMatch QC and see if all is working fine. If you can't get into EasyMatch QC and get a further “run-time” error and with the ColorFlex EZ staying on “remote-mode”, delete the sensor file and re-install (may have become corrupted).

Here are the steps to do a clean re-installation of the sensor:

  1. Make sure you are closed out of the EasyMatch QC program.
  2. Go to C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\Sensors folder and delete the “sensors.dat” file (contains all sensor and mode information) found there.
  3. Start up the EZMQC program again and you will be prompted to re-install your sensor.
  4. Go to Sensor/Install-Configure and re-install the sensor (Sensor information will show at bottom of EZMQC screen).

The “sensors.dat” file will be re-created when you do this and the software should then function correctly. You will have to re-create your sensor modes for the new sensor installation.

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