CMR-3173 - Gardner Color for 24 mm Vial does not display


CMR-3173 EZMQC Vial APHA+Gardner-24mm [C/2]


This CMR in EasyMatch QC provides custom APHA and Gardner correlation for measurement of liquid samples using 24-mm ID (27 mm - 30 mm OD) Glass Vials. These molded glass vials may be purchased from HunterLab in 3 sizes - A13-1015-359 20 ml , A13-1015-360 40 ml and A13-1015-361 60 ml. HunterLab can also supply the D02-1011-550 Transmission Vial Holder (purchased separately) for positioning these vials securely at the TTRAN port.

FAQ "The programmed hardware keys you sent to one of my clients did not seem to activate CMR-3173 for display of 24mm-Vial APHA and Gardner Color. Does he need different software? He can't see anything in the indices menu that reflects CMR-3173 or any mention of the 24mm Gardner Color."

Let's check two items:

  1. The CMR is turned on through the hardware key. Go to Help/About in EasyMath QC and verify that "CMR-3173" is listed as installed. Make sure there are not two EZMQC hardware keys plugged into the computer at the same time.
  2. Make sure the instrument is standardized in the TTRAN LAV UVF Nominal mode. This turns on the display of 25 mm vial APHA and Gardner metrics as items to be selected under "Indices" in Color Data View/Configure. Both APHA and Gardner are transmission-only metrics and will only be available for selection if the instrument is standardized in a transmission mode.
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