EasyMatch QC-ER Default and Backdoor Login and Password


EasyMatch QC-ER is an electronic records version of EasyMatch QC.

Effectively, a default or back door login to EZMQC-ER would become an anonymous login (as recorded in Application and Audit logs). In terms of data security, it would not be appropriate to have a default or backdoor login.

Access to EasyMatch QC-ER software is made only through assignment of a User to the QCERAdmins and QCERUsers groups. When they login, their actions are recorded through their login in the Application and Audit logs.

If, for any reason this is not possible, EasyMatch QC-ER will have to be re-installed by a System Administrator following the protocols found in the EZMQC-ER Validation and Compliance Notebook.

FAQ: "Doesn't the System Administrator have default or backdoor access into the EasyMatch QC-ER program?"

No - there is no default or backdoor access for the System Administrator.

The System Administrator defines the QCERAdmins and QCERUsers groups, as well as the Standard Users that are assigned to them. The System Administrator then runs the Pre-Installation Wizard to register the group locations with EZMQC-ER.

If a System Administrator was to assign their own login to either the QCERAdmins and QCERUsers groups, they would have access to EZMQC-ER, and their actions within the package would be recorded in the Application and Audit logs. Nothing is anonymous.


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