How can I get my Serial-to-USB adapter cable to work?


FAQ: “Please explain this. I unplugged my ColorQuest XE to move the system to the other side of the lab and when I plugged in the USB adapter cable to the PC, the sensor wouldn’t work.”

Serial-to-USB communication is not dynamic.

The normal communications protocol for the ColorQuest XE and some of our other sensors is Serial communications. You can identify this by the 9-pin serial connector on the back of the sensor.

If you have a USB port on the PC you are connecting the sensor to, you are likely using a Serial-to-USB connector on the end of the serial cable to attach to the USB port on the PC.

It is important to remember that even if you have a Serial-to-USB connection, the communications protocol with the sensor is still Serial which is not dynamic in recognizing what USB port it is connected to.

What this means is that if you disconnect the USB connector from one USB port and plug it into a different USB port, the communications does not follow and the PC does not know that you have made this change.

Here is what you have to do to correct this:

  • Go into EasyMatch QC and select Sensor/Install-Configure.
  • Select the sensor (highlighted in blue in the Sensor Name list on the left) and select "Add" to re-install the sensor communications.
  • Select the highest COM port offered when you re-install the sensor. This is typically the last USB device plugged into the PC.
  • The sensor should beep in response, and you can go on to standardize the instrument and make measurements.
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