What are the communications protocols for HunterLab instruments?


FAQ: “Before I purchase a Serial-to-USB adapter can you confirm that the serial port on the HunterLab sensor is female?”

  • Our newer HunterLab sensors like MiniScan EZ, ColorFlex EZ and D25 NC all have USB communications as standard but older HunterLab sensors will have serial communications with a 9-pin female receptors at the back of the sensor next to the power cord.
  • The B02-1004-207 serial cable that ships as standard with all HunterLab instruments with Serial communications is a straight 9-pin male to 9-pin female.
  • With all new HunterLab sensors that have serial communications as standard, HunterLab also ships a A10-1011-777 Serial-to-USB Adapter with 9-pin male connector to mate with the standard cable, and a USB connector to plug into a standard USB receptor on the PC.
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