Do you know what "CRILL" means in color measurement?


FAQ: "On a printed report from a XR customer using a 7000A bench top sensor, he reports “CRILL” CIE Lab, D65/10.

Can you identify what the “CRILL” stands for? I could imagine ILL represents ILLUMINANT but have no clue what CR refers to. Any idea?"

"CRILL" is not a standard Colorimetry terminology and I see no reference at the X-Rite web site which means they may have abandoned whatever was once thought distinctive about the term.

We are open to suggestions but "CRILL" might stand for "color illuminant" referring to the entire "CIE Lab, D65/10" color scale, illuminant and observer reporting parameters that make up 3 of the 6 conditions that should be reported with every product color measurement.

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