Can the Fluorescent Standard be used on different sensors?


FAQ: "Just a quick question concerning the 'Calibrated White UV Fluorescent Standard' (part A02-1011-126)...

Is the Ganz Whiteness value reported on the standard is suitable for any
brand of spectrophotometer - Hunterlab, Minolta, X-Rite - or not? (logically the sensor must have a UV Filter control option)"

The white Fluorescent Standard has a Ganz-Whiteness value assigned using the Hohenstein Institute Cotton set. It is not instrument-specific like the Green Tile but the assignment was done on a USVIS diffuse d/8 sphere in RSEX (reflectance specular excluded mode/Large Area of View).

The Ganz Whiteness index has three PQC parameters that dependent on the UV content of the illumination as well as being geometry specific.

The Fluorescent Standard with Ganz WI assignment can be used with confidence on any other UltraScan VIS sensor. While not optimal, this fluorescent standard should also work on similar bench sphere instruments from other manufacturers.

The second instrument must have a means of UV control using a partially inserted UV cut-off filter, preferably matching the 400 nm UV cut-off filter of the UltraScan VIS.

It should not be used on an instrument with a directional 45:0 geometry, as geometries of directional and diffuse sphere instruments are considerably different.


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