D02-1011-841 Adjustable Reflectance Preform Holder, 15 mm to 40 mm


This side-loading Adjustable Reflectance Preform Holder allows translucent and opaque preforms with a minimum diameter of 15 mm to a maximum diameter of 40 mm to be positioned at the reflectance port for consistent measurement. The length of the preform must be at least 50 mm. This CMR can be user-installable in the field.

Used on:

  • ColorQuest XE
  • UltraScan PRO
  • UltraScan VIS

Measurement Method

  1. Standardize normally in the RSIN SAV mode (Reflectance Specular Included, Small Area of View) using the normal SAV port.
  2. Place the Adjustable Reflectance Preform Holder in place at the port
  3. Place the translucent or opaque preform in the holder.
  4. For each measurement, average 3 - 4 readings with rotation between each reading.
  5. The averaging of multiple readings with rotation is recommended to minimize measurement variation due to preform replacement between readings, as well as variation in the color uniformity and wall thickness of the preform.

The key point in using this holder is to obtain a repeatable measurement. Measure the same preform several times to see how well it measures the same values.


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