D25Lt Barcode Scanner options


FAQ: "We would like to add a barcode scanner to our D25Lt tristimulus colorimeter to automatically add lot numbers as a Sample ID. We see a USB port on the back. Can we add a barcode scanner?"

I had to check with our Engineering Department on bar code compatibility as your D25LT has a first generation WIN 98 operating system (our second generation D25Lt has a more flexible WIN XP embedded operating system).

Any wired USB bar code scanner should be able to be plugged into the USB port at the back of your unit and be immediately recognized as a USB keyboard which is a standard input device for all operating systems.

Another option that I have seen used successfully at a company site was a USB Barcode Scanner run into a cable Y splitter along with a qwerty USB keyboard. The Y splitter in turn is run into the USB port on the back of the D25 Lt and both are recognized together as USB keyboard devices.


You can purchase a USB barcode scanner from HunterLab as A13-1014-254 USB Barcode Scanner or from a third party.

I would recommend you consider only wired USB bar code scanners only as the WIN 98 operating system in the D25 LT Gen 1 firmware will not have the drivers loaded for the wireless units. It is possible but can be difficult to load wireless drivers on this operating system.

The second generation WIN XP operating system has more wireless drivers pre-loaded and is more flexible in terms of USB input devices.

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