Driver for USPRO/USVIS A21-1011-949 USB-Serial Cable


Our earlier UltraScan PRO and UltraScan VIS sensors were supplied with a A21-1011-949 USB-Serial Cable (one meter long, black, Mini-B to Standard USB connectors) that allowed direct connection from the back of the sensor to a USB COM port on a PC.

The driver (multiple files) can be found in the FTDI folder on your EZMQC software CD or can be down loaded from

  • Download all of the files into a folder on your PC.
  • Attach the  A21-1011-949 USB-Serial Cable.
  • If the driver has not been previously loaded, just manually point Windows to find the driver in the FTDI folder on the EasyMatch QC software CD or from your download folder site.

Later UltraScan PRO, UltraScan VIS, LabScan XE and ColorQuest XE models with serial communications came supplied with a A10-1011-777 DB9 Serial-to-USB Adapter instead where the driver is typically pre-loaded on the Windows operating system. This option for USB connection for our serial COM instruments proved easier to use.

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