Where can I download the driver for the EasyMatch QC hardware key?


EasyMatch QC and QC-ER installs the Sentinel SuperPro hardware key driver as part of the software installation. The presence of the hardware key or dongle is necessary for operation of EasyMatch QC or EasyMatch QC-ER.

If you go to Start/Control Panel/Programs, you should see the Sentinel Protection Installer by SafeNet as an installed program in the program list.


Here are some steps for troubleshooting USB SuperPro keys.
1. Check if LED light on key is on and illuminated indicating it is getting power. If yes then proceed to step 2. If LED is not ON it means your USB key has become corrupted and you should contact HunterLab regarding a replacement.
2. Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware
3. Click on Device manager
4. Make sure there is no (!) mark or (x) mark on Safenet USB SuperPro hardware keys icon.

5. If there is, remove the device and re-install the Sentinel SuperPro driver from the CD or SafeNet web site. You can search on "Sentinel SuperPro driver") or go directly to the SafeNet web site at:


The latest driver will be backward compatible for all Microsoft operating systems.

An alternative workaround is to re-run the EasyMatch QC+ER installation from your HunterLab software CD and "repair" the installation which will replace all missing files, including the key driver.


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