What are Long Path Transmission Cells?


FAQ: "Have you heard of long path YI?

Long Path YI consists of long-path- spectrophotometer, PC installed software for YI analysis and quarts cell (1 cm x 25 cm).”

Let's assume YI is Yellowness Index E313 C/2 or similar, a standard metric for quantifying trace yellowness in near “water-white” liquids in HunterLab software.

There may be a mix up in cell dimensions here. For this UV/VIS analytical spectrophotometer, a 1 cm or 10 mm cell width is standard, but variation in depth to accommodate sample path length.

A 25 cm or 250 mm depth is not likely the case and the depth dimension may be 2.5 cm or 25 mm.

Regular analytical transmission cells have internal dimensions of 10 mm width x 10 mm depth, with the odd case at 10 mm width x 20 mm depth.

A long path length cell is usually between 20 mm and 100 mm depth, and this increased sample path length would only be used to measure YI yellowness of near colorless liquid samples.

HunterLab standard colorimetric transmission cells have 10, 20, 33 and 50 mm path lengths.



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