How to set Averaging to ON for all Jobs in EasyMatch QC


FAQ: "I am having difficulty with in EasyMatch QC version 4.83 that wasn’t a problem in earlier versions. We seem to lose the average selection in default jobs when they are opened by an EasyMatch User group.  As this group does not have the privilege of selecting or deselecting the use of average readings the default jobs, this feature must be preset.  When the same default jobs are opened by the EasyMatch QC Admin group they start with the average function selected.  Somehow this key function is lost by the Users when they log on.  The reason I have set it up this way is to avoid hourly people from taking short cuts particularly on night shift by deselecting average and taking only one reading per sample instead of three.  This works great in version 4.51.  Hopefully something simple I am missing on this end.  Any ideas?"

When you create a New Job, it comes from the default Job Template.

It is not dependent on Group/User privilege level established using the Login feature. Group/User privilege in EasyMatch QC just defines what Menu items User has access to and is not connected to Windows, so that everyone can share EZMQC Job and Job Template files.

You define the Averaging Parameters under Options/Average Method. Whether Averaging is turned ON is a separate function from definition of the feature and is selected by checking “Average” under Measurements. This separation of Averaging definition and selection allows a User to toggle back and forth between using averaging of multiple readings for non-uniform samples to just making a single reading of a uniform sample. 

In your case, define your Job and display the way you want it, including Averaging defined and checked ON, then select File/Save Job Template to save this configuration including Averaging ON setting as the default Template (typically set as “c:\hunterlab\easymatchqc\job templates”).

That template will be used for all new Jobs (will not apply to existing Jobs – you will have to set Averaging ON for each existing Job manually and re-save the Job to apply), and will apply to all User Groups.


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