What is covered in EasyMatch QC-ER PQ training and installation?


FAQ: "What is covered in PQ Training during the installation of EasyMatch QC-ER software?"

HunterLab sensors can measure the color of many different products of interest to the pharma industry.

In our Performance Qualification section of the Validation and Compliance notebook, HunterLab provides examples of best practices in measuring the color of transparent liquids, translucent creams, loose powders and pressed tablets. We recommend these protocols be used by customers in preparing their own product SOPs.

In training, we familiarize the customer with the operation of our software and sensors, with specific focus to the client’s samples/SOPs.

In the Validation and Compliance Notebook, HunterLab provides a Training Certificate filled in by the trainer with trainer name, date, subject matter covered and list of persons trained.

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