The New HunterLab Tomato Tile


FAQ: "What is the new HunterLab Tomato Tile and how does it compare to the BCR-400 tile? How can I be certain that I am measuring my products correctly with this new tile?"

The new HunterLab Tomato Tile is the HunterLab replacement for the original Tomato Tile, often referred to as the BCR-400 Tomato Tile. The BCR-400 tile is no longer available for use or purchase as the materials and pigments used to manufacture this tile have been discontinued.

L02-1014-594 Tomato Paste Reference Tile (100-mm x 100-mm; 4-in x 4-in)

Due to these pigments not being available, there are some slight differences in the appearance between the BCR-400 tile and the HunterLab Tomato Tile. However, when the HunterLab Tomato Tile is properly hitched, the combination of instrument and hitch tile will yield correct tomato scores for your products.

How can I be certain that I am measuring my products correctly with this new tile?

To verify that the hitch is being properly applied to your product readings, we suggest that you perform the procedure as outlined below for each instrument that you wish to check.

  1. Fit the CFEZ with the Sample Cup Port Plate and standardize the instrument
  2. Navigate to the Product Setup and Hitch the instrument to the new HunterLab Tomato Tile
    1. First make sure that the Standard type is set to Hitch in the Product Setup
    1. Next navigate to the Standard Values section
    2. Place the HunterLab Tomato Tile at the port of the instrument and take a reading
    3. Use the instrument key pad to adjust the Read Values to match the Assigned Values on the back of the tile
  3. Navigate to the Main Menu and take a reading of the HunterLab Tomato Tile to verify the measured values
  4. Next take a reading of your tomato product and note the measured values


In our study, we have found the difference in tomato scores of measured tomato product, when comparing the original and new HunterLab Tomato Tile, to be less than one unit when the above procedure is followed.

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