FAQ on Gray Color Change (GCC) and Gray Stain Change (GSC)


FAQ: "What are the "reference" and "samples" in the Gray Change and Gray Stain test method described in the HunterLab application note?"

The Gray Change and Gray Stain scales are each based on a gray set of visual paint chips that can be purchased from AATCC www.aatcc.org. Both scales are based on relative small differences between a product standard and lot sample of any color in comparison to these two gray scales (5 = no difference; 1 = most difference).

In HunterLab software, there is an instrumental correlation to Gray Color Change [GCC] and Gray Stain Change {GSC} for objective measurement of product color in terms of these two scales.

  • You would configure the display the GCC or GSC in the Color Data View.
  • Read in a product standard to compare to.
  • Read in a lot sample and the corresponding GCC/GSC between 5 and 1 would be displayed.


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