Video showing How to Send D25 LT (Gen2) Data to a Computer


This short video explains how to connect a D25LT to a computer so that data can be sent to the computer using the D25LT send function.  This video is specific to a D25LT Gen2 but in practice is similar to the D25LT Gen1 functionality.

Video Link:

Additional Information;

The attached video shows connection of the D25LT to a computer with a physical D-9 serial connection.  However, many new computers have only USB connections.  For these cases, an additional "USB to Serial" adapter can be used in conjunction with a "null modem cable" as well as the first "USB to Serial" adapter to achieve the correct inter-connect cabling.  It is important to know that in order to use most of the "terminal type" programs for data transfer, physical serial ports must exist at both the Sender (D25LT) and Receiver (Computer) systems.  The "USB to Serial adapters as shown in the attached pictures, accomplish these tasks.

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