How do you change the storage location for Job Files in EasyMatch QC-ER?


FAQ: “How can users or admins change the storage location for job files? This is greyed out in the data storage section. And how can the user or admin create subfolders within the jobs directory?”

In order to back up User created or modified files as well as meet the other security requirements of not allowing user file deletion, the User file location is fixed at C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC-ER Client and grayed out (cannot be changed) in EasyMatch QC-ER.

To make an automatic backup of all User created and/or modified files, check the EasyMatchQC User Files Backup box and specify a backup location (can be a named drive such as X:, Y: Z) and define a backup interval in days (minimum 1 day).

QCERAdmins and QCERUsers are not allowed to make sub-folders or delete measurement files from this location.

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