Harmonized Shipping Code for all HunterLab Instruments


FAQ: "We have to ship our HunterLab LabScan XE to another plant in a different country. My shipping department is telling me they need an "international shipping code" for the HunterLab instrument. Can you help with his?"

When HunterLab ships all of our instruments to international countries, we use the Harmonized Shipping Code 9027.30.40.40 (9027304040) associated with the descriptor “Spectrophotometer” (see below).

If you ever need to describe to describe HunterLab equipment more fully, the description would be a “visible spectrophotometer used for measuring color of industrial and commercial products”.

However, we normally ship just with the 9027.30.40.40 (9027304040) code that references the “Spectrophotometer” descriptor. Usually simpler is better.

To see this code, search on "Harmonized Tarriff Schedule" for the country you are in.

Using the United STates as an example, this leads to web site for the US HTSA Harmonized Tariff Schedule - http://hts.usitc.gov where a search on “spectrophotometers” brings up the following for shipping code 9027.30.40.40.



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