Can D25 NC be converted to STHT?


FAQ: “I am sure this has been discussed and thought about, but what are the possibilities of changing the firmware in a D25 to make it an STHT?

I performed a demo at Starkist Tuna yesterday for the D25NC, and they loved it.  Moving to an online system in the future is a very real possibility. 

Is it even possible to convert a D25 to an STHT?  Could we use this as a selling point?  Many companies would like to test a lab instrument and integrate it into production, and it is easier to push a 2-in-1, than 2 separate.  Realistically after they put the instrument in the lab they most likely won’t want to move it but it is easy to sell the idea of a system that can be put into process down the road.   

Let me know your thoughts.”

The difference in the sensor head is only firmware that can be swapped to either instrument but to move from lab to line you will also need the STHT power supply box and cabling.

So, technically it can be done but given the major changes, it may be better to take the D25 NC in on trade and provide a new STHT.

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