Can the Product Standard values be averaged in MSEZ/CFEZ?


FAQ: “Users in Indonesia asked: is there any possibility of averaging the standard in the product setup? They raise this question because a competitive instrument can do this.”

Both the MSEZ and CFEZ create a new cumulative average every time the Product Standard values are created.

For example, if you take 4 readings of a physical Product Standard in the setup, the values displayed will be the cumulative average after each reading 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In the MiniScan, you will see the cumulative reading - 1, 2, 3, 4 displayed in the bottom left hand corner. The CFEZ does not have this counter but still displays cumulative average of all values read for the Product Standard.

Here's a test to show it. Set up the Averaging feature to average 2 readings.

  • Set the Product Standard Values in the setup by first reading the White Tile - L* = 98.77; a* = -3.96; b* = 13.81 for D65/10 illuminant/observe conditions.
  • Then read the Green Tile - L* = 60.02; a* = -22.39; b* = 18.26 D65/10.
  • After the second reading, the displayed Product Standard values will be L* = 83.14; a* = -8.94; b* = 14.46 D65/10 which is the cumulative average color measurement for both tiles.

I agree that it the Averaging Module associated with reading the Sample is more obvious and will put in an engineering request to get averaging for the Product Standard made similar to that for averaging the Sample measurement.

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