EasyMatch QC-ER Audit Trail of System, Event and Audit Logs


FAQ: "The customer says that in the hard copy print out of the Event Log in EasyMatch QC-ER software, no description of the Event codes is given, just the code numbers.
Could you send me a list with the descriptions for all the Event codes
reported in the Event Log of EZMQC-ER?"

First some clarification - there are 3 logs associated with recording actions within or related to operation of EasyMatch QC-ER.

  • Windows System Log: This is a listing of activities associated with the network or PC operating system such as logging onto the PC. Your IT System Administrator will know how to access this.

Then there are two logs within EasyMatch QC-ER available under the View Menu available to members of the QCERAdmin Group.

  • EasyMatch QC-ER Event Log: This is a log of events taken by a User within the EasyMatch QC-ER application that are generally steps outside a Job with codes for the different application operations.

If a client selects the item + code; then selects "Details" at the bottom of the screen, the full details for the Event Log item are listed.


  • EasyMatch QC-ER Audit Log: These are the any steps taken within a Job such naming a standard or sample. They are stored with each Job in the order taken with the description

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