What is the Difference between D25LT Gen 1 and D25LT Gen2


This is the first of a number of topics related to the D25LT "Generation 1"  versus D25LT "Generation 2" design and performance.


D25LT Generation 1 vs D25LT Generation 2 systems. 

There are some distinct difference between the Gen1 and Gen2 systems that differentiate the two products.


The D25LT Gen1 system is based on the Win98 operating system and employs a main computer board that support the Win98 OS.  Additionally due to the lack of video touch screen support with the Win98 OS, there is additional hardware at the Video display to support the touch interface. 


The D25LT Gen2 systems upgraded the operating system to WinXP and also upgraded the main computer board to support WinXP and XP features.  XP functionality also includes native USB support and video touch screen interface.  Changes were made to the original Gen1 hardware to take advantage of the XP capabilities.


Additional electronic component and board changes were also made as appropriate but contributed to a lesser extend to the overall upgrade differences between the units.  The core optical systems and overall mechanical of the D25LT remained unchanged. 


Please refer to Service Manuals http://www.hunterlab...service-manual/ for more technical detail on the two models.


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