EZMQC Start Up Errors


After double clicking the EZMQC icon. The following error message is displayed.


  1. Couldn't send write test.
  2. Possible reasons and actions to correct them.
    1. Sensor Missing: Connect the sensor
    2. Sensor Power Off: Turn on sensor
    3. Cable Loose: Re-connect the cable.



The software has not yet opened.  When I click OK on the error message I am returned to my desktop.


When EZMQC attempts to open it looks for the last installed sensor.  If no sensor was installed then EZMQC opens to an untitled job and prompts you to install a sensor.  If a sensor was previously installed then EZMQC will send a Write Test to the port that was last used by the sensor.   The port must respond.  If it does not respond then the message shown above will appear.  The software is looking for response from the port at this time so it does not matter is the instrument is powered on or off.  The software will not look for a response from the instrument until the user attempts to standardize or read.  Since the last used port is not available the software closes.


There are two solutions to this error. 


1. Repair the port


2. Navigate to the HunterLab\EasyMatchQC\Sensors folder on your hard drive.  Open the Sensors folder and locate the file Sensors.dat.  Delete this file.  Restart EZMQC.  The software should load to an untitled job and prompt you to install a sensor.   Click on Sensors, then Install/Configure.  Select your instrument from the dropdown list.  When you select the Communications port be aware that unless you repaired the non functioning port you will not be able to establish communications through that port.

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