ISO 17223 Yellowness Index and ISO 11475 Whiteness Index in EasyMatch QC


FAQ: "We are using a HunterLab LabScan XE with EasyMatch QC software. Can we measure the whiteness of product according to ISO2470? Also can we measure yellow index according to ISO17223."

  • ISO 17223 Plastics -- Determination of yellowness index and change in yellowness index
  • ISO 2470 Paper, board and pulps -- Measurement of diffuse blue reflectance factor (ISO brightness)
  • ISO 11475 Paper and board -- Determination of CIE whiteness, D65/10 degrees (outdoor daylight)
  • ISO 11476 Paper and board -- Determination of CIE whiteness, C 2 degrees

ISO - International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland

ISO 17223 Yellowness Index is the same as Yellowness Index per ASTM E313 shown as YI E313 [D65/10 or C/10] in our software.

I am unsure if you have the correct ISO method for whiteness index. ISO 2470 references blue reflectance factor which is sensitive to both brightness (overall reflectance) and yellowness. Most white materials that deteriorate tend to go yellow. The equivalent function is shown as 457nm Brightness in our software.

The ISO Whiteness Index method that typically is referenced is ISO 11475 (preferred) or ISO 11476. This is equivalent to ASTM E313 Whiteness Index shown as WI E313 [D65/10] (preferred) or WI E313 ]C/2].  WI E313 [D65/10] is also the same as the CIE Whiteness Index.

Please see enclosure to select these metrics in EasyMatch QC under Mouse over Color Data Table/Configure/Indices.

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