Is a warm-up time required for a new instrument out of the box?




Is there a warm-up time required for an instrument out of the box? We unpacked and fired up the sensor and within 10 min were calibrating.





Well, it depends. Technically specification level performance requires the sensor be thermally stabilized at a temperature between 21-28 C (70-82 F) and a relative non-condensing humidity of 10% to 90%. It does not require that the instrument be in a powered on state during the thermal stabilization period, but it is recommended.


So, in the real world we would like the sensor to be out of the box for at least an hour or more and plugged in and powered on before beginning a measurement series. If this is not possible, and we understand that some customers GMP SOPs require that a HunterLab representative be present when the sensor is unpacked then we would recommend the following installation sequence;


  1. Unbox the sensor, remove tape from port plate, transmission door, etc. plug in and power on.
  2. Insert sample clamp
  3. Inventory items in Standards Box and any supplied CMRs
  4. Install EZMQC, Install Instrument specific Diagnostics program, connect sensor to computer
  5. At this time sensor would have been powered on for about a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes, explain to the customer that GMP would include the PQ ( Performance Qualification) tests of Repeatability, Check Filter (if supplied), and Check Tile.
  6. Run Repeatability, explain to customer that this is a basic Power system, Lamp, Signal Processing Stress test for the sensor. 20 measurements at a fast interval to determine that everything is warmed up and ready to use. Truth is that a failure at this point if minor,.less than 150% of tolerance, it will probably disappear after sensor and Instrument Standard are thermally stabilized, wait 10 minutes and repeat. If failure is major, greater than 150% of tolerance contact HunterLab Service.
  7. Run Check filter if sensor has Transmission capabilities, a pass result will confirm that the wavelength alignment is unchanged from the factory. If the result is fail, clean the filter and repeat. If still fails contact HunterLab Service.
  8. Run Check tile. If If the result is fail, clean the filter and repeat. If still fails contact HunterLab Service.
  9. At this time if all three tests pass, then we can safely assume the sensor is ready to use to measure customer specimens.




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