Source for Disposable Polystyrene Tissue Culture Dishes - 35 mm diameter x 10 mm high


When measuring a small particulate or powder sample, these 35 mm diameter x 10 mm high tissue culture dishes are most often used on the ColorFlex EZ or LabScan XE with VSI option set to 25 mm view. Both face up and have ports that are slightly smaller than the 35 mm diameter of the dish.

This dish can also be used with any of HunterLab's sphere instruments measuring specular excluded reflectance. Given that the port faces sideways, the dish may need to be taped close when filled.

Here are two third party options:

  • BD Falcon 351008 sterilized disposable polystyrene dishes (38 mm OD 35 mm ID x 10 mm high) available from Fisher Scientific ( Catalogue number 08-757-100A).
  • SKS Science D210-15 clear polystyrene petri dishes (35 mm diameter x 10 mm high) available from SKS Science ( Catalogue number D210-15).

Other brands are also acceptable provided:

  • They are optically clear through the measurement window (no grids).
  • The measurement window can be placed flush at the port.
  • The measurement window covers a 32 mm (1.25 in) diameter port.
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