How to Export Measurement Data from STHT or D25 NC Sensor Heads


FAQ: "During installation of STHT, we also face the same problem - although we already set 'Auto Save' ON, but we can't find the data in the 'Saved Reading' --> IN FACT we need to 'OFF' this and we need to do 'Manual' way to save it by press the arrow down (Send / Print)."

This applies only to extracting data out of the STHT or D25 NC sensors heads. If the D25 NC sensor is being run using EasyMatch QC software, exporting data is done differently.

In order to extract the data from the STHT or D25NC sensor heads, you will need to use a utility below:

This utility allows you to retrieve information that is stored in the sensor head when either save data is set to Auto.

Please be sure to load the Hunterlab Runtime.msi first, before using the utility, and make sure you have set the switch on the back of the D25NC turntable to computer.



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