EZMQC Send Function Message Format


The general message format is depicted below. The numbers in square brackets are the length of the field in characters. For each record type, there will be a header and checksum block, and a variable parameters field.



HEADER block field definitions class: message type, can have the following two values

SOH (ASCII 01H) Meaning: Data or Control message

ENQ (ASCII 05H) Meaning: Acknowledgement or Negative Acknowledgement count:

(class = SOH) : Length of parameters block

(class = ENQ) : Error code

msgno: message number ('1' thru '7')


The message number of the reply message must equal the message number of the received message

PARAMETERS block field definitions

type: message indentifier

data: message data

Note: only SOH-type messages have a PARAMETERS block


CHECKSUM block field definition

check: sum modulo 16-bit of characters in header and parameters blocks

1.From the START menu, select Run.

2.Type in CMD and press OK. This will open a DOS box.

3.Connect the USB memory stick to an available USB slot in the computer.

4.Select START > My Computer and locate the USB memory stick in the Devices with Removable Storage section. Note the drive that is assigned to the USB memory stick. In the example below , note that drive is (E).

5.Close this window and return to the DOS box



 For more detail see the link below:


https://www.dropbox....sage Format.doc

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