EasyMatch QC and EasyMatch QC-ER Software conformance to Windows 10


To support the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, no major code modifications were necessary for full feature functionality within our current released EasyMatch QC or EasyMatch QC-ER version 4.84 software programs.

The only necessary changes have been to the Diagnostic PDF reports and Pre-Installation Wizard reports which have been modified to detect the new Windows 10 operating system correctly.

Our soon-to-be released EasyMatch QC+ER version 4.85 will be compatible with the Windows 10 operating system in all aspects.

In summary:

  • EasyMatch QC+ER were developed originally under Windows XP system and all versions of EasyMatch QC+ER > 3.0 (our first release) will work with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.
  • All EasyMatch QC+ER versions 4.30 and higher are compatible of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and previous operating systems.
  • All EasyMatch QC+ER versions 4.85 and higher will be compatible with the Windows 10 and previous operating systems.

To determine your install eversion of EasyMatch QC or QC-ER, go to Help/About where it will be listed.

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