USVis USB to Serial Port Driver

The following steps might help to resolve these problem in connecting a computer to a HunterLab sensor. Note that the instrument beeps when one tries to install it, then the software returns a "sensor not found" error message. This is actually a good sign since it indicates that the computer port is working and that the cable is good, and the computer has found the USB device. If this occurs then we can immediately begin troubleshooting the port setup.
1.  Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager, then expand the Ports (Comm & USB) branch of their computers device tree.
2.  You should see the USB to Serial Adapter port icon. If so, go to step 3. If not, then go to step 10.
3.  If the icon has a yellow warning icon, move the cursor to the icon and right click. Then click on Properties. The typical message at this point should be "This device is not working properly."
4.  Click on the Driver tab, then on the Update Driver box.
5.  Insert the EZMQC installation diskette into the CD-Rom drive.
6.  Follow the instructions for the Install Driver Wizard.
7.  Windows should automatically find the driver FTDIBUS, install it and prompt you to click Finish.
8.  Before exiting the Device Manager go back to the Ports (Comm & USB) find the installed  USB to Serial Adapter. Right click, select Properties and record the Comm Port that the device is assigned to. Depending on how many devices are connected to the computer this could be a port number from 3 to 6 or higher.
9.  Exit the Control Panel, restart EZMQC and attempt to install the sensor making sure to specify the correct communication port. Go to step 13.
10. If the USB to Serial Adapter is not located in the Port (Comm & USB) branch look in the Other Devices branch of the computers device tree.
11.  If the USB to Serial Adapter is located, shut off the Sensor, delete this file, Close the Device Manager, Restart the Sensor. Windows should find a new device installed.
12.  With the EZMQC installation disc in the CD-rom drive follow the Windows Install New Hardware wizard. Go to step 7.
Note:  User must be logged onto the computer as an administrator.


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