How to orient the Analytical Cell Holder - "S" or “Δ”


FAQ: "The new micro cell holder. Does the engraved "S" denote the sphere or sensor side?"

The “S” stands for “Sphere” which means that the “S” side of the holder is orientated towards the TTRAN transmission port on the sphere. There is a similar “S” on the holder base for the same purpose – making the setup and orientation of this new holder easier and quicker.

Unlike the legacy L02-1012-202 Semi-Micro Cell Holder, most aspects of the new Analytical Cell Holder are symmetrical. However, the new D02-1016-956 Precision Cell Holder Base Assembly has different lenses in the front and back, so orientation is an issue there. The cell tops are not orientation-specific but it’s good for operators to have an orientation mark to align, as with the “dot” on some of our standardization tiles.

While we did use “S” to indicate orientation of the Analytical Cell Holder and Base in these early units you are familiar with, HunterLab has moved on to an arrow symbol - “Δ”, to point towards the TTRAN port, both for the base and cell top holders (all versions). “Δ” is more intuitive and translates in all languages in keeping with HunterLab as a worldwide supplier of color measurement instruments.

For reference, sales part #s and descriptions are:

  • D02-1016-956 Precision Cell Holder Base Assembly
  • D02-1016-912 Precision Cell Holder for Semi-Micro Cells (Brand Plastic Cells)
  • D02-1016-913 Precision Cell Holder for Macro Cells (Brand Plastic Cells)
  • D02-1017-048 Precision Cell Holder for Macro Cells, (Hellma/Starna Glass Cells)
  • D02-1017-050 Precision Cell Holder for Semi-Micro Cells, (Hellma/Starna Glass Cells)
  • D02-1017-051 Precision Cell Holder for Ultra-Micro Cells, (Brand Plastic Cells)
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