Source for Tubing for HunterLab Flow Cells


FAQ: "Our customer needs the tubing that goes to a flow thru cell. Can we sell that to them or can we give them a description and where to buy it?"

 I am assuming this is a HunterLab flow cell with a 10 mm, 20mm or 50 mm path length, all of which have a 7 mm ID/ 9 mm OD inlet and outlet ports on the circumference of the flow cells.

Your customer will need to purchase their own tubing and peristaltic pump appropriate for their needs from an outside source. There are different categories and varieties of tubing for different types of liquid samples.

As a good all around choice, we generally recommend Cole Parmer MasterFlex line ( as having a good selection of Tygon tubing for a 9 mm OD port.


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