Using EasyMatch QC, Printer, and Barcode Scanner with D25NC


The D25NC can be ordered with several options for data input/output and storage. This post will explain the usage.


There are two D25NC usage modes: Stand-alone (no PC) or connected to a PC running EasyMatch QC. Only one mode can be used at a time. 


The D25NC has a single USB connection on the side of the sensor head. This connection is a micro USB port. It can be used for a direct connection of the Barcode Reader or Printer, or it can be routed to the back of the D25NC stand for use with a PC running EasyMatch QC. 


The barcode reader and printer are primarily designed only for use with the D25NC in stand-alone mode (no PC). If a customer wishes to use EasyMatch QC, then they should use a printer or barcode scanner that is attached directly to their PC (not to the sensor). We recommend they use their own printer with connect to a PC.


In summary, the barcode reader and printer are designed for use with the D25NC in stand alone mode.  If a customer is going to use EasyMatch QC, they must connect the barcode scanner or a printer directly to their PC.

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