Source for disposable 20 mm Plastic Cells for reflectance measurements


Source for polystyrene tissue culture flasks as disposable 20 mm path length reflectance cells for measuring loose powders, translucent and opaque liquids in RSEX (Reflectance Specular Excluded) mode

Tissue culture flasks made of clear polystyrene with screw-on caps can serve as an inexpensive reflectance sample holder that are especially useful when measuring samples that are difficult to clean up or handle. These cells are also handy when high numbers of measurements are being made

The performance of these cells is not as optimal as the HunterLab glass cells but appropriate when the need for a disposable cell outweighs the small compromise in performance.

Tissue Culture Flasks are available from:


FAQ: “What is the difference between the 25 mL and 50 mL tissue culture flasks besides volume of sample used?”

Both flasks have the same path length and cover the port. However, you have to be more careful in the placement of the smaller 25 mL flask to make sure the flask is centered and flush at the port. With the larger 50 mL flask with the larger measurement face, cell placement isn’t as critical.

FAQ: “Why do your recommend standardizing in RSEX (Reflectance Specular Excluded) mode?”

Standardizing the d/8 sphere instrument in RSEX LAV mode will remove the specular reflectance or gloss of the cell window from the measurement. The gloss or shine off the window is not related to the color of the material so it makes good sense to exclude it when you have a flat, solid surface like this plastic window.



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