Where are User-created or modified files found in EasyMatch QC?


FAQ: "Our customer recently purchased a new LabScan and we were unsuccessful in copying their job folder over to the new computer.

On the older computer, the sub-folder folder, c:/Hunterlab/EasyMatch QC/Jobs is blank of any .jsd files. But the customer is able to use the file recall command, to access the job files from a .mdb path.

We copied the .mdb folder to a thumb drive, and uploaded to new PC. How do we point EasyMatch QC, to the .mdb folder? It seems like it only wants to recall .jsd files.

All user-created and or modified files in EasyMatch QC are kept in sub-folders at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC ...unless the customer has moved them somewhere else.

On the old system, have the customer go to Options/System Configuration/Data Storage and the location is found in the JobPath location. When you say that "On the older computer, the folder, Hunterlab/ EZMatch QC/Jobs is blank of any .jsd files", someone may have moved them to a network location as a better backup option than a stand-alone computer. This will tell the customer where the Jobs and other user files are located (see enclosure).

To retain the user content from the old computer, have the customer copy the contents of the Jobs, Job Templates and Reports folder from the old to new computer.

You can then open the old Jobs using File/Open Jobs.

User data is saved in Jobs (primary) and in a database (secondary).

The default database, "EZQC.mdb", is typically saved in the at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC\Jobs sub-folder on the old computer. However, the user database could have been moved to a different location, say in a network sub-folder.

On the old computer, go to Options/System Configuration/Data Storage and the database location is displayed at the top. Copy it to c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC\Jobs on the new computer. You can then recall data records from the Access-type EZQC.mdb using File/Recall from Database.


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