How do I setup up the Color Data View in EasyMatch QC for APHA Color?


FAQ: "One extra question - how do you set up EasyMatch QC to measure APHA Color values? It is measuring the Lab values right now."

In EasyMatch QC+ER, put your mouse over the Color Data View/Right Click/Configure, selecting the APHA metric from Indices on the right that matches your cell path length - APHA-10mm, APHA-20 mm, or APHA-50 mm.


Select Sensor/Set Mode for TTRAN LAV UVFilter Nominal and standardize using cell filled with distilled water as your top-of-scale set to 100% transmission.


As a PQ (Performance Qualification) step, read back the cell + distilled water as a standard. It should read L* = 100, a* = 0, b* = 0, APHA-XXmm = 0 closely if everything is set up correctly.

If your measurement is performance qualified, proceed to measure the APHA Color of your transparent liquid samples.

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