Auto Logoff and the Sensor Standardization Interval


FAQ: "The standardization is supposed to be good for 8 hours. However, if the instrument is idle or I walk away, EasyMatch QC logs me off. When I log in I have to open the job file that I created. Is my standardization still good?"

The standardization should still be good even if you have left the software as this is associated and stored with the sensor.

If you look at the sensor information line on the bottom of the screen, it will list the next standardization time, 8 hours from the time you last standardized in that mode, on the right bottom corner of the screen.


If you leave the package and return, whether by leaving EasyMatch QC+ER or by being closed out with Auto Logoff, EZMQC+ER will remember when you last standardized in that mode.

If it doesn’t exceed the time interval set under Sensor/Set Interval, the standardization is still current.

FAQ: "This raises another issue.  When I fist log onto the instrument in the morning it has clearly been more than 8 hours since it was standardized, but the standardization prompt message is not present."

 When you first login for the morning, EasyMatch does not know what you want to do. If you want to review data in an existing Job, no problem and no prompt for standardization.

When you go to take your first reading, that’s when EasyMatch checks to see if the PC clock has exceeded the standardization interval for that mode. If that is the case, you will get the prompt to re-standardize.

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