How to calibrate the Touch Screen on a ColorQuest XE


The ColorQuest XE Touch Screen model is calibrated for coordinate sensitivity at the factory. However, if you press a point and a different area is activated, a calibration procedure is provided to correct this.

To activate the touch screen calibration, touch the Exit, Close, or Return key (depending on the current screen) until the Applets Loaded screen is obtained.

There are two ways to access the Calibrate Touch Screen display:

  1. Press and hold the Macro/Read button on the instrument on the front of the sensor for about two seconds to obtain the Calibrate Touch Screen display.
  2. Turn the instrument OFF using the rocker switch at the back of the unit above the power cable. After 3 seconds, turn ON the sensor and when the ColorQuest XE splash screen appears, touch and release anywhere on the startup screen to obtain the Calibrate Touch Screen display.

Follow the prompts to touch each of the four corners of the screen in turn. You should use a pencil or other stylus to touch the screen for this calibration.

After all four corners are touched, “Calibration succeeded” is displayed and you may touch any part of the screen to exit. Press the Macro/Read key on the instrument to cancel the calibration procedure.

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