EZMOL options for Color Measurement Data output to LIMs


FAQ “I have a new question that I’m hoping you can help me with. We would like to come up with a way to get color data for each coil processed out of EZMOL and into our L2 data system.”

If you are using EasyMatch OL then you can export data to a PC file or out the COM port of the PC to your LIMs L2 data collection system.

STEP-1: In the System Setup-> Logging page, In the Data Output section, please select the properties to be sent (Time/Date, Lot/Roll etc.).

STEP-2:The Remote Data section offers to send the data to COM port or named file.

a) Check Serial port option to send data to a COM port.

b) Check Disk File option to send data to file specified in the File Path.

STEP-3: Remote Data output sends data to a COM port or a file, only if Write to Lot File option is checked in Run->Product Setup->EasyMatch OL Productsetup->Page3.

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