EZMQC warning message "Standardization modes do not match"


FAQ: "We get the following error message. Can you explain what it means and how to overcome it?"

This is a warning message, not an error message. It indicates that the product sample currently being measured is done so under different optical or mode conditions from the product standard it is being compared to.

It is always best practice for color difference comparison to have the product standard and sample both measured under the same optical mode conditions:

  • Sensor Type - directional 0/45 or 45/0 versus diffuse d/8 sphere
  • Area of Sample View
  • UV Filter position - Nominal, IN, Calibrated or Custom

If you have a single sensor measuring a single product using a single mode, this message will likely never appear.

If you are sharing measurements from another site, or have measurements from an earlier HunterLab sensor, this message can display if the mode conditions of product standard and sample are not the same.

For example, if the mode (Sensor/Set Modes or F7 hotkey) used to measure the product standard was a LabScan XE 0/45 sensor with a 44 mm (1.75 in) area of sample view and UV Filter in the Nominal position, and the sample is being measured on a LabScan XE 0/45 sensor with a 25 mm (1.00 in) area of sample view (different mode condition) and UV Filter in the Nominal position, the warning message can appear.

It can also appear if the sensor type or UV Filter position are different for the sample measurement relative to the product standard.

You action choices are:

  • "YES" which means that you as a User understand there are mode differences but decide they are not significant.
  • "No" or "Cancel" which will lead to the measurement being dropped.

Here are two workarounds to turn this warning message off:

  1. Check the box for "Don't show this message again" and re-save the Job. This will cause the warning message not to appear in association with this Job.

  1. Go to Options/Application Preferences/Startup Defaults and check the box for "Remove Sensor Warning Messages". This feature, selected as default and available in versions of EasyMatch QC 4.60 and higher (Help/About) will suppress this warning message globally for all Jobs after exiting and re-starting EasyMatch QC.







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