EasyMatch QC "Remove Sensor Warning Messages" option



FAQ: "I have a customer that had Universal and needed to upgrade to EasyMatch for computer reasons.

 We have more a less done everything for them but a message keeps coming up when she recalls a standard from the DB and measures the sample. It is the "this sample was recorded in a different mode to the standard" message.

She recorded everything on the old ColorQuest 2 in SPIN and the sensor has been added onto EasyMatch in SPIN but we still get the issue."


Here are two workarounds to turn this warning message off:

  • Check the box for "Don't show this message again" and re-save the Job. This will cause the warning message not to appear in association with this Job.

  • Go to Options/Application Preferences/Startup Defaults and check the box for "Remove Sensor Warning Messages". This feature, selected as default and available in versions of EasyMatch QC 4.70 and higher (Help/About) will suppress this warning message globally for all Jobs after exiting and re-starting EasyMatch QC.

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