Sensor information disappears in EasyMatch QC


FAQ: “Every time we close out the EZMQC and then reopen the software at a later time to reuse, the sensor information disappears and we are forced to install/configure the sensor again. How can we make it so the program remembers what sensor modes we have set up, even after closing the program?”

Normally you see the sensor information listed in the Sensor Information Line of EasyMatch QC at the bottom of the screen, along with conditions of the optical mode (area of sample view, port size, UV Filter position) and the next time the instrument requires standardization in that mode. There is also a "Ready" message on the left indicating the sensor is communicating with the software.

If the sensor information does not display, there are two possible reasons.

1. When you install a sensor under Sensor/Install-Configure, a box for "
Reconnect sensor at startup" is checked as default. This lets EasyMatch QC know what sensor it is to connect to when your open the application.

If someone has accidentally unchecked this box, no sensor will be active. To re-set this, go to Sensor/Install-Configure, select the sensor in the sensor list on the left (will highlight in blue) and re-check the box for "Reconnect sensor at startup" at the bottom. Close the Sensor menu and exit EasyMatch QC. When you re-start the software, the sensor will be active and the sensor information will display.

2. The second situation that could cause the sensor information to disappear is when the active sensor information is not being written to the "sensors.dat" file in the c:\hunterlab\easymatch qc or easymatch qc-er\sensors folder.

When you leave the EasyMatch QC application, the sensor information is written to this file. When you open the EasyMatch QC application, this file is read by EasyMatch QC to tell the software what sensor it is to connect to. If the user does not have privilege to write to this file when EasyMatch QC is closed, the sensor information will be lost every time the package is closed. 

Contact your System Administrator for the network or local PC to verify that all Standard or Authenticated Users have read/write/modify privileges to “c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC” and all sub-folders. This should fix the problem.

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