“Datalog Full” message in ColorFlex CLFX or MiniScan MSXE MSXP


FAQ: "We have been getting a message Data Log Full with our ColorFlex. How do we clear the old data?"

The “Datalog Full” message means that the datalog is set to automatically save all measured data, and has reached its limit and is overwriting data at the beginning of the datalog. This message provides a warning that this is occurring.

This behavior only occurs in previous CLFX models of the ColorFlex and MSXE, MSXP models of the MiniScan (does not occur in ColorFlex EZ or MiniScan EZ).

You can find instructions on how to clear the saved records in the Datalog on page 5-2 of the ColorFlex or MiniScan Manual, after which you can turn off the Auto Datalog feature. You can do this by going to the splash screen where you select "Standardization" and selecting "Instrument Setup" instead. Scroll through the different options until you find "Datalog" and turn off the autologging feature.


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