EasyMatch QC - Search and Display of Data Records in Jobs and Database


FAQ: "With a Job open, is there a way I can search for a sample vs looking for it?"

Yes and no.

There is no search option for a sample name in a Job.

The samples are typically viewed in chronological order (default; first read; last displayed) in the Color Data or Spectral Data View.

Or, if you go to Color Data or Spectral Data/Configure and check "Display Latest Data First", the last Sample data record read will be displayed next to the product Standard, or at the top if only Samples are read.

Usually in a Job, there are not that many records listed in the Job Tree (on left) and you can find the record reasonably easily.


Data records are also saved in the database as taken, as Standards, Samples and Series. Under File/Recall From Database, you can recall them to a New Job. When given the choice of which Standard, Sample or Series name, just put part of the name with a wildcard (A* will recall all records starting with A) and that will let you search/recall by name.


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