EasyMatch QC Standardization Error 249 "Low signal reading white tile"


FAQ: “Our HunterLab ColorQuest XE is showing a standardization error message # 249. How do we fix it? This CQXE has been used for 9 years without any problems. What is the warranty for this model? Thanks in advance for your response.”

Standardization error #249 "Low signal reading white tile" means that the signal counts when standardizing on the white tile were below the minimum threshold for this step. It catches performance issues like the lamp not firing, or sphere deterioration below to the point that the signal is below the acceptable range for good performance.

Please re-run the standardization again, check to see if the lamp is firing (can see this through the ventilation slits on the front top of the instrument) and make a screen capture of the error message.

With the White Tile at the reflectance port, go to Sensor/Diagnostics/Hardware Checks/Signal Counts and flash the lamp. Show the signal counts for the white tile graph form and make a screen capture.

Please send both screen captures to us here at HunterLab.

Also include the serial number of you CQXE and software version (Help/About).

The instrument warranty is for one year. At this point your instrument is beyond that but the information above will allow us to advise you on the best service options.

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